Classroom Presentations

Racism Then and Now

This lesson, centered around a visually representative timeline, focuses on oppressed narratives, primarily those of African ancestry throughout U.S. history.


Understanding Privilege

Privilege is a concept deeply rooted in our society, which effects many aspects of  our world and individual experiences, yet it is almost never talked about in schools. This lesson introduces privilege and starts a discussion aimed at opening students' minds to the different life experiences of their peers.


Deconstructing Normal

What is normal? How do we think about the word and its connotation in modern society? How does normal interact with themes of representation, inclusivity, awareness, and labels? And what is the effect of that on youth? 


The Power of Empathy 

Throughout our day, there is a common disconnect in interactions that we experience and contribute to. We oftentimes choose to be a bystander rather than speaking up for those around us. In Speak, we realized a major factor in this culture of passivity is a lack of empathy. This being the first lesson that we presented, we focused on increasing empathy through conversation and learning about the diverse experiences of those around us.